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The three markets for modeling are:

Major Markets:

New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles

Secondary Markets:

Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami

Local Markets:

Houston, Boston, Atlanta-this city is growing but still considered to be local.
Some other cities near a large metropolitan area may be considered a local market.

There are seven types of models. Do you know what type of model you are?

The four main types of modeling are:
  • Fashion
  • Commerical
  • Editorial
  • Beauty

Below you will see an example of each








Many models can model in another category Specialty modeling:
Specialty models
which are listed below

Male Models

Petite                            lifestyle

Plus Size                       Bikini/lingerie

Parts                            Vanity

Knowledge is everything!
Your first step to being a REAL MODEL is not taking pictures, not calling all the agencies, ordering composite cards, websites and business cards.
The Answer: To get a model consultation and stop wasting time and money
You must know these three important facts before you get started:
  1. What type of model you are?
  2. What type of photos you need to get started?
  3. What type of agencies are looking for your look?

Once you know that then you can market yourself correctly in this business.


Did you know a professional model make an average of 100K per year?

Super Models make millions!

It is time for you to really learn the business. Find out what agencies and clients look for in a real model.

Pros and Cons of a TFPA TFP is trade for prints. That’s when a photographer and model work together and no pay is involved. The Pro's: The model does not have to pay for the shoot. The model can practice in front of the camera to gain skills. If you shoot with a re-known photographer, you may get some good prints to show to agencies. The Con's: If you are an amateur, you may be asked to shoot in various poses that can KILL your career before you even get started. The photographer can do whatever he wants with the prints when you sign a model release. Most photographers that do TFP's are amateurs trying to gain exposure which means they are not much help to you for posing techniques and style.

Models must beware of who they shoot with.  To do a TFP's is not suggested at all unless you are shooting with a professional photographer that does this full time in a studio. The photographer should be published in a major magazine or has worked with a major industry client. Also you should shoot with a photographer that specializes in the type of model you are "not a jack of all trades".  Avoid wedding and prom photographers at all cost. Most of all, do not work with a photographer slash agent/manager. There is no such thing in this industry. Be careful when a photographer says that they can submit your pictures directly to a client. Most major clients do not accept photos from photographers. That is an agent or manager's job.


Learn the secret of successful models.

Model Image Consultant Services

Model Consultation

      ·         Make up consultation·         The ABC’s of modeling

·         Catwalk session ( even though all models are not high fashion models learning to walk can help with poise and gives you a professional looks when you walk in front of a client)

Professional Photo Shoot
  (make up, hair and wardrobe is included)·         Model will receive a three look shootContact Sheets/Composite CardsAgency Direct Contacts- FreeWe will give you a printout of 10 agencies that is looking for the type of model you are.

Actors Services

Professional Head Shots
(Shots includes photo shoot, make up and 50 copies)

Coaching Class

Demo Reel

Today’s casting director wants to see if you can act. This is a really good tool then just sending out a head shot and a resume.

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