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Posture and Poise 

Do you want to learn the secret to turning heads and leaving that lasting impression? Well, it all begins with Posture & Poise. How a woman moves and carries herself is directly related to the attention and respect she receives from others. Having proper posture and poise allows women to project confidence through positive body language. We will show you key tips and tricks on how to project a graceful, more confident image, and to carry yourself properly at every moment. You will even look taller and thinner once you have mastered proper posture.

Proper posture and body placement
Graceful arm movements
Crossing your legs
Descending a staircase and
Getting in and out of a car

Posture is the foundation of a woman's bearing. Proper posture allows you to carry yourself flawlessly at every moment. It is from there that graceful movement, or poise, emerges. That is why it is so important to master the key components that create an elegant physical image.

Voice and Speech

Sensual voices that capture the imagination are created. You have a choice in how your voice sounds and how you speak. In order to become the complete woman you envision, you must focus on all the elements that comprise this picture. Elite Image’s intent is not to change your voice or accent, but rather teach you, through the use of vocal exercises and speech delivery tips, how to inflect your voice and use proper diction to fully express yourself.

This we will teach you how to make the most of your natural voice:

Common Speech Problems
Why women have them
Effect on others
How to correct them
Vocal exercises
Speech delivery tips
Practicing articulation
Proper sound release of key letters
Practicing speech
Commonly mispronounced words

A woman's voice is very representative of who she is. By controlling your voice and utilizing full expressive speech, you will get your points across succinctly and in the most feminine way possible without losing your identity. 


The attention a woman receives from others is in direct proportion to the attention she gives herself. Nothing says more about a woman's grace and elegance than when her manners are on display, both socially and at the dining table.

Our etiquette will have you will become fully versed in the details of formal dining and comportment:

Guest etiquette
Table comportment
The instruments of dining
- China
- Crystal
- Utensils
Key rules to remember
Standard table setting
Formal dinner setting
How to use your napkin
How to serve yourself, be served, and pass
the food

How to hold and use your silverware
- American style
- Continental style
How to hold your stemware
Silverware resting and ending positions
Social comportment

Elite Image takes the guesswork out of those awkward moments many of us experience from time to time. Not only will you be shown the proper way to act and handle the intricacies of formal dining and social etiquette, you will also be shown real-life situations that occur to most people.

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