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 Your Fashion and Style

Elegance is about simplicity, not glitz or flash. That is why the world's most stylish women make it look so easy. An elegant look is about simple clothes and accessories. You will learn to create your own signature look that is classic and timeless, but most importantly, elegant. With this knowledge you will gain the confidence and style to go out into the world knowing you look simply fabulous.

Elite Image services, you will learn the fundamental rules of fashion, starting with:

How to organize your closet
The six basic pieces every woman should have
How to shop for them
What they look and feel like
How they should fit
How these pieces are combined in order to create
multiple outfits for various occasions (from casual to
work to a cocktail or an evening event) and
What essential accessories you need 

Color Sense

Receive a color analysis. Learn your color families and seasonal approach.

Image Clinics

Discover your make up and fashion personality, get a personal figure evaluation and a personal alteration checklist. Learn quick fit style and dressing do’s and don’ts. 

Life Style
receives a personal interview and reviews your life management. We will make an assessment, and review. We will help you organize your life to make it more fulfilling and less stressful in day to day life.

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